The Royaltie GEM Program

Get. Everyone. Marketing.

Helping business owners affected by the health crisis transition to online marketing.

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How the GEM Program Works

The COVID-19 health crisis has impacted millions of businesses worldwide, depleting their cash reserves, while at the same time creating an urgent need for small business owners to rapidly transition to the online world. We want to do our part to help make that possible.

Every Royaltie customer can sponsor 1 business owner to the program.
The business owner signs up below and enters whatever amount they can afford to pay. Yes, any amount.
The business gets instant access to our AI-powered marketing platform and can continue paying whatever they can afford until the health crisis ends.

Who Should Sign Up?

The GEM Program is open to small business owners and entrepreneurs of all ages, anywhere in the world who have been impacted by the current health crisis. If you own a restaurant, and want to market your take-out menu. If you own a gym, and want to promote your new outdoor fitness program. If you are a teacher wanting to offer e-learning programs. If you have been laid off and are starting something from scratch.

Anyone going through a cash crunch who wants to take their business online. Pay whatever you can afford. We're here to help.

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Fill in this short form. We'll email you a registration link so you can get started marketing online.

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